9 Tattoos by Chantel Jeffries 

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Chantel Jeffries, better known on Instagram as Ceejay, is a well-known model who has been signed by the international modeling agency. As a DJ, Wilhemina is pursuing her musical career. She has a passion for meaningful tattoos and has inked herself with some incredible body art as a result. Continue reading to learn about the significance of each tattoo to her.

1. Anchor symbol

                                                               Chantel Jeffries anchor tattoo

On her left wrist, an anchor symbol is being inked. Beyond its typical meaning, this tattoo contains deeper meaning. First of all, I love the ocean, beaches, etc., and anchors represent stability and holding things down, which is what I do, she says. Unquestionably, a tattoo’s significance increases with its size!

2. A Compass, Navigator to the Heart

                                                              Chantel Jeffries compass tattoo

A compass is a navigational tool that helps people find their way, but Chantel has one tattooed on her ribcage, which is the side where the heart is located. This tattoo represents listening to your heart.

3. Side Hebrew Writing

                                                          Chantel hebrew tattoo

On her right side, there is a Hebrew writing. She posted on Twitter that she had gotten a tattoo in Hebrew because of the significance of what it said. And everyone speaks Arabic… I won’t take that. Although it seems to imply that Jesus is God, the precise meaning is unknown.

4. French Collarbone Phrase

                                            Chantel’s ‘je taime” tattoo

Chantel got “Je t’aime,” which translates to “I Love You,” tattooed on her collarbone as a tribute to her grandmother. She wrote on her tumbler account, “I got it for my French-speaking grandma so she can see that I love her from heaven!”

5. The Chess Game’s Queen

          Chantel Jeffries tattoo on right hand

The queen holds the most significant and prestigious position in the game of chess. It stands for power and independence. She encouraged her fans and followers to forge their own paths by explaining in a tweet to them. Never play the pawn in anyone else’s game, she advised. You are a monarch. the game’s most potent element. On her right wrist, she got inked.

6. Heart-shaped outline on the inside of the knee

                                      Chantel’s heart back knee tattoo

The back of her right knee has the faint outline of a small heart.

7. “369” on the elbow

                                      Chantel Jeffries 369 elbow tattoo

She got the tattoo number 369 on the back of her left elbow because she adored the scientist Nikola Tesla. He said, “If you knew the magnificence of the three, six, and nine, you would have the key to the universe,” for once. Even her clothing line is called 369 studios.

8. Upper Back Geometric Design

                                                       Chantel Jeffries geometric tattoo

She got a geometric tattoo on her upper back that combines the Flower of Life and the Shri Yantra symbol, which is used in Hindu temples. Seven overlapping circles are present in the shaded dotted shape, enclosed by overlapping triangles that form a solid black line.

9. Hip “Noir”

                                   Chantel Jeffries tattoo hip “Noir” 

On the side of her left hip, she has the French word “Noir,” which means “black.” She claimed that this tattoo was self-descriptive. Noir is more than just a color, she wrote on Instagram, “Noir: black, dark, dreary, mysterious, raven.” This tattoo honors both of her identities because she is both French and black.

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