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    20+ Bella Thorne’s Tattoos

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    Since Disney career actress Bella Thorne has become edgier – her style and tattoos are part of Bella’s new personality. She has more than 20 tattoos all over her body. The actress told, “I think tattoos are little symbols of things that once brought you joy and have memories of these beautiful moments in time where you wanted to get it. I really respect that and that’s why I love my tattoos.”

    So let’s see all of her ink work and get inspired!

    1. A Cat Tattoo

    The actress loves cats that’s why she got a tiny cat tattoo behind her right ear in 2015.

    2. “Bite Me” Tattoo

    Bella tends to show off her “bite me” tattoo that is displayed on her left hip.

    3. “Bruised But Not Broken” Tattoo

    4. Dots Tattoo

    Bella has a tiny 3 dot tattoo on her left middle finger.

    5. “I Love You” Tattoo

    The actress has a rainbow “I Love You” tattoo on the back of her left arm.

    6. “If Lost, Find Twin” Tattoo

    Bella Thorne and her sister Dani Thorne got matching tattoos that say “If Lost, Find Twin”.

    7. Stars Tattoo

    Another hidden tattoo is displayed on the back of Bella’s arm.

    8. Moon Tattoo

    Bella and her sister Dani got another almost matching tattoo – Bella has a moon and stars tattoo on her right ankle, and her sister has Saturn in the same place. They both got tattoos in 2016.

    9. “RWR” Tattoo

    A tattoo is displayed on the back of her left arm.

    10. “93” Tattoo

    There are some speculations about Bella’s “93” tattoo meaning and a lot of fans think that it is a tribute to her sister who was born in 1993.

    11. Words On Her Leg Tattoo

    On her right leg above and under the knee is a tattoo that says “Just let go” and “Hang on for dear life”.

    12. “Wild Kitty” Tattoo

    13. Heart Tattoo

    Bella never told the meaning of her heart tattoo, but in 2016 she told her fans that she absolutely loves her baby tattoo.

    14. Heart On Hand Tattoo

    Bella Thorne and her makeup artist got matching tattoo’s on their left palms in 2016.

    15. “B” Tattoo

    Bella got matching tattoos with her BFF Bella Pendergast in 2016 that says “B2”.

    16. “Young AF” Tattoo

    17. Line Tattoo

    She made lines around her left elbow tattoo back in 2017.

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