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    This is a great opportunity. You should write to us if you want to:

    • Get your work seen by a large audience.
    • Build up your portfolio.
    • Gain some writing experience.
    • See your name attached to your work.
    • Get seen in tools, gardening, technology, and DIY niche

    We currently have a lot of Twitter followers and an email subscriber list that we send our content out to. Our goal is to get your work out in front of as many viewers as possible. WE WON’T ADD BIO TO THE POSTS. Also, we will own the copyright of published posts.

    What we look for from a Contributor post.

    Engaging and thoughtful articles, expert advice, guides, How-to articles.

    What else should you know?

    All work contributed to our website will be the property of So be aware that all content rights will belong to us. But you can always refer potential clients to the content so they can see your work. We will typically give your piece our own headline and editing so that it fits whatstarsown style. We’ll also add our own photos to the post. Also, all links, which are dofollow, will be made nofollow automatically after 3 months (or deleted).

    We also accept products for real video and/or text reviews

    You or your company have an interesting product, a tool, book or anything related to that and you want Us to review it? Just send it to us and we will make VIDEO, TEXT or any kind of a review you want. Just write us an email and let’s talk there.

    Now, some DOs and DON’Ts.


    • Write a 1,500-word minimum original piece. Articles must not have been published anywhere else, online or offline. This includes your personal blog.
    • Write in a conversational tone, like explaining to your friends. Be informative, educational, positive, yet still easy to read.
    • Include at least one photo. Your photo should be big enough (more than 600×600 px), well lit, and not stolen from other websites. If your article is a step-by-step instruction, one picture for every step is necessary.
    • Come up with a title that grabs readers’ attention. Ask yourself: how will reading this article make someone’s life better? What problem does it solve?
    • Keep your opening short, preferably less than 100 words (no one likes long intros). Your opening should intrigue readers to continue reading your article.
    • Source all claims and statements. If you mention a study, fact, statistic, make sure to link to the original source.
    • You can place one link to your own website/profile page in the article. It’d be nice if you link to other articles on Whatstarsown too!
    • Fashion, clothing niche


    • Write an article specifically to promote a business, brand, or product.
    • Submit an article written by content farms only to boost SEO.
    • Link to a product. All links must point to articles or homepages.
    • To check our articles, go to the homepage.


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