8 Reasons to Rethink Fast Fashion

Have you ever thought about how you might be doing something wrong when you go ahead with a purchase of a cute top from a well-known Brand? Well, let’s learn something more about fast fashion that you didn’t know:

What does Fast Fashion mean?

This is a phenomenon where fashion companies fasten the production process with new trends and make it affordable.

The 8 Reasons to Rethink Fast Fashion:

Here are some facts and reasons for the reality that you might not be aware of when we talk about fast fashion.

1. You are paying a lot more than the top luxury brands:

The 8 Reasons to Rethink Fast Fashion
The 8 Reasons to Rethink Fast Fashion

There will be people arguing that as they aren’t able to afford luxury clothing, they go for fast fashion brands. If you have a strict budget, you need to think about the frequency of wear and the cost you give.

For instance, a 100 dollar dress seems expensive than a 20 dollar dress. But the cheaper might wear off a lot quicker, sometimes within 5 times of wear and therefore wear clothes that have a longer shelf life.

2. it’s not environmentally friendly:

Did you know that in the USA alone more than 10 million tons of clothing is going into landfills every year? The reason for this is that textile is not biodegradable. Then can last for about 200 years. And when you combine this kind of pollution with the one that’s caused in production is catastrophic. After oil, fast fashion is the second-largest pollutant.

3. You thought process about clothing is impacted:

When we are going ahead with a purchase that costs less, we don’t have high expectations. This means that you might buy a top for a party and then throw away in just one wear, or it will stay in your wardrobe for years with no use. The trend of low cost makes us dispose of the clothing faster. Understand that you are also throwing away the money you have invested as well.

4. Collaborations are a trick being played on you:

You can see that most of the mass retailers are investing in collaborations with celebrities and fashion designers. This makes the consumer think that they are getting luxury at an affordable cost. In reality, you are just getting a name tag over the cheap quality product for a bogus sense of luxury. Usually, the limited time offers allure you into buying things faster.

5. The sense-of-sale is just a marketing strategy:

Alright, so most of us love purchasing clothing on sale. It makes us think that we are getting something of a higher value at a low cost. This also sometimes will make you buy things that you might not even need in the first place. So ask yourself if you need something, will it fit well, and are you going to wear it a lot.

6. Overseas workers are getting exploited:

Overseas workers are getting exploited:
Overseas workers are getting exploited:

Have you ever wondered why clothing manufacturing is being done in Bangladesh and India a lot more? The reason for it is the wage rise in China that had increased the overall production costs. Therefore the manufacturer is shifting the production to countries where wages are extremely low. This leads to the exploitation of workers where they are sometimes working for 16 hours at a very low wage.

7. Fast fashion isn’t duplicate, so it should be of better quality:

No. It’s not. It is still of low quality. The material that is used is of low quality. This is a just way of scamming you of money that you earn by hard work. Remember that if you are getting something for cheap will mean that there is a compromise on quality as well.

8. Fast fashion and recycling:

This can be a question that a lot of people might have in mind. But there are many issues with fast fashion and the recycling process. Firstly most clothes are chemically treated and laminated. Then there is a use of blended fabrics. This usually is polyesters, nylon, and cotton. And presently we don’t have technology that can separate them. Therefore recycling isn’t much of an option here.

Final Thoughts:

These were the top reasons why you should be rethinking fast fashion. So don’t binge shop and have clothing that has a longer shelf life and is well. Invest in pieces that are timeless and you can save a lot of your money this way.

Clara Trilling
Clara is a Parisian fashionnista Living in Dubai

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