The Effects of Fast Fashion on the Clothing Industry

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Fast fashion is the word used to define clothing styles that go fast from the showroom to stores to satisfy new fashion trends. The most common garments seen in fast fashion boutiques tend to be made of cheap fabrics that cannot usually be found in high-end stores.

However, the use of these cheap fabrics enables designers to make the garments at a lower cost thus increasing their profit margin. Often the collections are based entirely on designs showcased at Fashion Week events held annually. This results in the garments becoming outdated quickly as new fashions take center stage.

The fast fashion industry is estimated to have lost over $40 billion dollars annually due to the constant changing of consumer preferences. The main culprit is the internet. Online retailers are able to buy large quantities of fabric at a low cost and sell them for a profit.

Consumers no longer buy the garments based purely on how much they cost but based on whether or not they match their style expectations. With this, manufacturers can no longer afford to produce clothes that are too trendy.

Disposable bags are fast fashion’s answer to the ever growing problem of textile waste. These bags are filled with discarded clothing when consumers refuse to buy new styles from the boutiques.

These discarded clothes are left on the streets, in landfill sites and various other locations. Because there is no way for the manufacturers to make any money off of these items, they are forced to leave them on the streets.

As the years pass, more people discover the joys of purchasing new clothes from designer boutiques without having to wait in line. This popular trend developed because fast fashion demands that garments be sold as fast as possible, regardless of the quality or aesthetic value. Garment workers suffer the most because of the exploitative labor practices prevalent in the clothing industry.

In order to create new products and keep up with fast fashion retailers, manufacturers turn to the supply chain. The supply chain enables manufacturers to make their clothing items from start to finish. The supply chain also dictates that consumers get their products quickly. As a result, many consumers have stopped going to local retailers in favor of online shopping.

By eliminating the middleman, online retailers benefit from lower operating costs. Because no longer are they forced to pay overage charges to third parties, they are able to pass these savings along to customers.

This translates into lower prices on a variety of consumer products including clothing and accessories. In turn, this allows fast fashion retailers to offer discounts on their products to retain customers and drive up sales.

Because online retailers do not have to worry about transporting garments from supplier warehouses to retail stores, they can pass along savings on their clothes to shoppers. For instance, garment manufacturers ship by trucking lines, and many of them do not require upfront delivery charges for their wares.

With online shopping becoming more popular, it is likely that more people will buy their clothes online. For brick and mortar retailers, this means an opportunity to increase their customer base while lowering their costs.

In conclusion, the fast fashion industry has benefited greatly from technology. Thanks to computers and the Internet, it is now possible for consumers to shop from their personal desks at home.

It may seem like things are going downhill for the industry, but it is important to remember that changes in the economy do take time to reflect in the marketplace. For the foreseeable future, consumers should enjoy the benefits of lower prices, better customer service, and convenient shopping.

Clara Trilling
Clara is a Parisian fashionnista Living in Dubai

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