How to Become a Fashion Model?

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So do you dream about becoming a fashion model? Some of the best models are constantly inspiring customers and also promoting brands, be it on the runway, photoshoots, or advertisements. The job just doesn’t sound exciting; it gets you fame and fortune as well. But how does one get to that point? Here are some points that can guide you with the journey:

1. Focus On Skill Development:

For understanding posing, you have to study as well. Try practicing runway walk. One key factor that separates one model from another is their walk and posing abilities. Modeling is the kind of art that needs dedication.

You might find walking and pose a bit awkward in the beginning. But just practice and you can even ask a friend to take some of your pictures as well. Slowly you will see that your confidence is growing and you are on the right track for becoming a model.

2. Have A Great Modeling Portfolio:

How to Become a Fashion Model?
How to Become a Fashion Model?

Another critical step while you are in modeling for making sure it’s your stable career is to get a modeling portfolio. This should be able to effectively showcase your stronger points with stunning, high-quality images. This remains the basic requirements when you reach out to an agency and also a good way of making good first impressions. Y

ou can also have a model portfolio website that shows your online presence and then printed pictures when you meet someone in person.

3. Finding a Modeling Agency:

Understand that there is a need for a modeling agency for every model. So try and get signed by the best modeling agency in your area. For getting the exposure you have to get noticed and a solution for this is having snapshots. Your snapshots are called ‘polaroids’ or ‘digitals’.

Most agencies are in search of your natural and simple pictures so that they can see you as you are. So submit some of your pictures with no or very light makeup. Also, make sure that you are having thorough research done regarding the modeling agency that is signing up with.

Steps for finding the right modeling agency:

  • Make a good list.
  • See which ones are legit. (There are many fake ones around).
  • See if the business is verified easily and If there are a lot of bad reviews.
  • Is the agency looking for a model with your stats presently? Enquire about it.
  • Get information on the submission procedure.
  • See if the modeling agency had recently worked with popular and established brands.

Once you have answers to the above questions, you would be narrowed down to the perfect choice for you. After digital submission the agency will call you for a meeting, so make sure you are well informed about them as well.

4. Rejection is fine!

You have to make yourself mentally strong for accepting rejections. There will be times when people reject you without thinking much. And this is something that even the best supermodels in the world have faced. This is the part of the job and field that you are in. Make sure you do not doubt yourself and your worth on any other person’s opinion about you. So practice now and shrug off any kind o criticism that you might face this week. Just keep working on yourself and your skill development.

5. Work On Yourself Constantly:

One of the hardworking areas that will need your focus will be taking very good care of your body, health, hair, and skin. It is an industry that’s aesthetically driven and appearance has its importance. Understand that the standards of weight/height are a lot inflexible and rigid. As you can’t do much on genetics, make sure that you are making improvements on what you have. Exercise at least one hour every day. Eat well and have healthy foods like vegetables and fruits. Stay away from junk food as it affects health and skin adversely. Have a good skincare routine.

Final Thoughts:

Certainly, these modeling tips for becoming a fashion model will help you. But there is a lot more to it so make sure you do as much research as you can.

Clara Trilling
Clara is a Parisian fashionnista Living in Dubai

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