3 Innovative Fabrics Capable of Revolutionizing The Fashion Industry

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Considering that humans have depleted the environmental sources immensely, finding eco-friendly alternatives in different sectors makes sense. Even the fashion industry hasn’t remained untouched by it.

Have you ever noticed that when you walk into any clothing store most of the clothes have polyester, cotton, or a blend as the manufacturing material? Of course, buyers might even find wool and linen in elite stores. But the number of raw materials for clothing still remains scarce.

But in the upcoming years, astonishing discoveries are going to become mainstream in the textile universe. The manufacturing of cotton involves the use of pesticides and gallons of water. With every single wash, polyester contributes to microfiber plastic pollution. This calls for the need for fabrics that are not resource-intensive and are eco-friendly to transform the entire fashion industry to its very core.

1. Pinatex


The advancing technology is capable of extracting fiber from pineapple leaves and transform it into a non-woven fabric. Since the manufacturing is done using readily available natural resources, it doesn’t result in the depletion of something rare. The process doesn’t need any chemicals or additional water as the product comes from an estimated 40 thousand tons of pineapple leaves annually.

Vegan leather-based on plastic has been getting a lot of momentum lately because of the cruelty-free nature. But they cause exhaustion of fossil fuels and generate plastic waste which is not a friend to the environment. Pinatex is simple to stitch, lightweight, strong, and facilitates hassle-free printing.

2. MycoTEX


Mushroom is not merely a pizza topping anymore! Neither it is the wasteful thing that grows on wet wooden logs. In fact, mushroom comprises a vegetative part that has a network of intricate white filaments. This fabric comes from this region of the mushroom and the built of the resulting outfit is three-dimensional.

This complements all kinds of errors as the fabric adjusts itself to the desired fit and shape. The mycelium also creates some patterns that the textile industry can use as decorative embellishments. The best part is that when the life of the government is over, the users can decompose it as it is biodegradable.

3. Eucalyptus Yarn

If we begin to list out the benefits of the eucalyptus plant, there is a chance that time will run out. For centuries, people from all over the world have been using eucalyptus and its extracts to keep their sinuses in check. But now, a new use has come up and eucalyptus trees are the emerging contributors to the fashion industry.

The famous knitting company known as Wool & the Gang has come up with Tina tape yarn. Experts harvest the fibers from eucalyptus trees, pulp them and turn them into yarn. They are available for knitters to purchase. The process leads to the formation of a deconstructed form of Tencel.

Benefits of going eco friendly with clothes

The fashion industry is one of the leading contributors to soil water and air pollution. With the quick change in the pace of fashion, people are blindly following the trends. As soon as a celebrity walks on the red carpet wearing a certain garment or attire, the world goes crazy over it. But the moment after some other trend emerges, people ditch their old items of clothing as fast as the speed of light!

Textile mills generate a significant amount of waste annually at the global level. The biggest benefit of using the above-mentioned fabrics is the drastic change in the negative environmental impact. Imagine not having gallons of waste dumped into water bodies!

If you really think about how every thrown item of clothing affects the environment you are bound to go on a guilt trip. But if you are wearing something made out of mushroom filaments from its vegetative side, you won’t feel remorseful dumping biodegradable compost into the ground!

Summing It Up

The bottom line, trains are going to come and go. But if the fashion industry doesn’t innovate according to what’s best for the environment, soon they want it to be a decent environment for humans to live in. If everything goes according to how the manufacturing of this innovative fabric has been planned, within no time humans will be on the way to restoring environmental balance.

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