5+ Lily Collins’s Tattoos

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Emily Cooper from Emily in Paris may not have any tattoos (yet…), but Lily Collins most surely has. The actor isn’t exactly open about her tattoos — they’re all hidden or hidden in plain sight — but she has a total of five known tattoos so far.

Collins, like many others, deliberately chose all of her tattoos and chose designs that had significant value for her. Her back tattoo of a woman sitting on a lily pad, for example, comes from a trip to South Korea in 2016. Her British background is shown by the crown on her wrist, which is a matching tattoo with her mother. Collins’ tattoos are all done in black ink in the fine-line style, which is popular among celebrities. Her tattoos all have a fanciful, almost mystical vibe to them, as seen by her fairy, rose, and crown designs. She also has a passion for flowers, which is evident in her work.

Emily in Paris actress Emily Collins isn’t the only one who has tattoos. Camille Razat (who plays Camille) has a tattoo on her forearm, while Ashley Park (who plays her onscreen closest friend Mindy Chen) has four little tattoos. Continue scrolling to see all of Collins’ tattoos up close and understand what they signify.

1.Back Tattoo of Lily Collins’ “Love Always and Forever”

Uploaded imageCollins received her first tattoo in 2014. The black ink script design on her back reads “Love Always and Forever.” A rose may also be seen poking out of the “L” in “Love.”

2. Rose Foot Tattoo on Lily Collins

Collins also received a tattoo on her foot in 2014. The ink features a rose growing out of the word “bloom,” which is a phrase from author Alice Walker.

3. Crown Wrist Tattoo on Lily Collins

Collins showed off her wrist tattoo in an Instagram photo in 2015. A British crown, a heart with wings beneath it, and the letters “LJ,” which are her initials, are all featured in the design. “Wear a crown, some wings, a little LJ, and my heart on my sleeve,” she said in the caption.

4. Woman on a Lily Pad Back Tattoo by Lily Collins

Collins traveled to South Korea in 2016 and got a fresh back tattoo to remember the trip. A woman resting on a lily pad has been added just beneath her “Love Always and Forever” artwork. Collins posted an Instagram snapshot of the tattoo with the statement, “A lovely souvenir from an unforgettable Korean journey. Thank you for adding your work to my own collection, @tattooist doy.”

5. Fairy on a Crescent Moon Side Tattoo by Lily Collins

Collins revealed a tattoo on her side during an Oscars afterparty in 2016, however it’s unclear when she got it. The ink depicts a fairy seated on a crescent moon, clutching a dandelion. Next to the fairy is the words “fragile creature.”

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