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    Madison Prewett Wearing Bone Color Top And Bracelets

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    BIG NEWS!!!!!! My family and I have partnered with @mysaintmyhero and today we are launching our Family Virtues Collection. For this family virtue bracelet I love what it represents. No matter what family looks like for you. Maybe it’s the family you grew up in or a family you have created on your own or your team or friend group or work space- whichever! This bracelet represents unity and togetherness. It also represents the value that each individual brings to the table and reminds you that you are destined for greatness and created on purpose for a purpose! We all have different gifts, strengths, and virtues and each has so much value. On days when life hits extra hard or I’m having weak moments- it’s good to know I’m not alone. When I was on the show, there were so many moments when I missed my family or just needed to know someone was there. So I wore the blessing bracelet every day and my whole family had it on as well and it reminded me that there were people standing with me and praying for me. I wear mine everyday and it continues to remind me I’m not alone! The local organization that we have partnered with is @adullam_house . My family has been serving with this organization for the last couple of years. Adullam House cares for and provides for children and babies at risk who have experienced trauma, neglect, abuse and poverty. The bracelets are also handwoven by communities of women all over who are rising above poverty. In Uganda, a community of women and teachers are weaving to raise funds to provide school supplies and uniforms for the children in their community. In Nigeria, a community of women are weaving to support their local ministry orphanage. So every dollar spent on the Family Virtues Bracelet collection makes an impact! Plus the bracelets are just super cute 🙂 There is a female and male collection and lots of options to choose from. You can click the link in my bio and get yours now!

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    Hallowen Sale!BUY 1 GET 10%OFF, BUY 2 GET 15% OFF

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