40+ Ariana Grande’s Tattoos

Ariana Grande may only be 27 years old, but she already has more tattoos than candles on her birthday cake.

The song “Thank U, Next” singer is covered in tributes to her dogs, celestial designs, Harry Potter references, song lyrics, and more, many of which were done by her go-to tattoo artist Girl Knew York.

All of Grande’s tattoos and their meanings may be found below:

1. “Bellissima”

A Complete Guide to Ariana Grande's 55 Known Tattoos

2. “Baby Doll”

Grande’s ribs and middle finger are adorned with the nicknames “Bellissima” and “Baby Doll,” which were given to her by her late grandfather, Frank.

3. “561”


Ariana drew the number 561 on her thumb, which is the area code for Boca Raton, Florida, where she grew up.

4. Hebrew letters

Ariana has the Hebrew characters aleph, lamed, and daled on another finger, which represent the 10th name among the 72 names of God, according to a Kabbalah teaching. Her brother Frankie Grande received a similar design at the same time; after learning about the Church’s anti-homosexuality attitude, the two abandoned Catholicism in favor of the Judaism-based faith.


Ariana Grande Gets New Tattoo On Her Hand As She Adds To Extensive Collection Of... - Capital
Toulouse, her dog, is one of the numerous personalities in the Grande family. The singer has her name tattooed on her tattoo glove since the dog is so precious to her.

6. Sun, moon, and stars

Ariana Grande commemorates honour by getting tattoo with her grandmother | Stuff.co.nzIn December 2018, the pop artist had a hand tattoo shortly after being awarded Billboard’s 2018 Woman of the Year, during which she declared 2018 to be the finest year of her career but the worst of her personal life. The back of the singer’s left hand is covered in a heavenly pattern of sun, moon, and stars, and her grandmother Marjorie “Nonna” Grande even got in on the fun, getting “Ciccio” (her late husband’s Italian nickname) tattooed on her finger.

7. Saturn

Ariana Grande's Saturn Hand Tattoo | Ariana Grande Has an Impressive Collection of Ink — Just Look at These 34 Tiny Tattoos | POPSUGAR Beauty Photo 34

She added Saturn to the planets on the back of her hand in November 2019.

8. Crescent moon and stars

A Complete Guide to Ariana Grande's 55 Known TattoosOn her left foot, she put a crescent moon and stars in November 2018. On the left side of her neck, she wears another crescent moon, a tribute to her song “Moonlight” from her third album, “Dangerous Woman.”

9. Vine

Grande currently wears a vine around her index finger to cover up a Harry Potter-related “9 3/4” tattoo for unexplained reasons.

10. Butterflies

Grande wowed the red carpet at the 2020 Grammy Awards with an enormous blue Giambattista Valli gown with layers of tulle and frills. She displayed a fresh butterfly tattoo on her upper arm above her opera-length gloves. Ari drew a second butterfly right beneath it a few months later, this time with much more detail.

However, it appears that Grande swiftly changed her mind about the design, as fans noted that a handful of her tattoos, including the butterflies, Chihiro, and Eevee, were covered in photographs from her May 2021 wedding to Dalton Gomez. Despite the fact that the two imaginary characters reappeared, it looks that she may have permanently eliminated the insects.

11. Flower

Ariana Grande's 40 tattoos and their meanings, explained

Markell Malcolm, Ariana’s friend, shared a snapshot of a floral design on the singer’s hand on her birthday in June 2020. It looks to be a sakura flower and can also be seen in her new “Positions” music video.

12. Laurel leaves

A laurel leaf pattern embellished with dots wraps across her wrist, finishing her left-hand glove.

13. Eevee

Ariana debuted a large picture of the Pokémon Eevee on her upper arm at the start of 2019. “I’ve wanted this for so long,” Grande said on Instagram, soon after admitting she spent “fifteen hours” playing the game on her Nintendo Switch.

14. Chihiro

She debuted a big tattoo of Chihiro, a character from “Spirited Away,” on the inside of her right arm on Aug. 29, 2018. At the time, Grande commented on her Instagram Story, “Chihiro’s maturation into a capable human is a vital aspect in the flow of Spirited Away’s storyline.” “During her journey through the Spirit World, she transforms from a fearful young girl with a childish mentality to a hardworking, responsible, and brave young girl who has learned to put her fears aside for people she loves.”

“To defend her friends and rescue her parents from a magic that has transformed them into cattle, Chihiro sheds her prior self and adapts to her situation to become a fearless, quick-witted, and loyal girl,” Grande wrote in one of the most striking lines.

15. “Lumos”

Ariana is a huge “Harry Potter” fan. Her hand is inscribed with the word “Lumos” (a light-conjuring spell from the book series). “She’s a quick-witted and dependable girl.”

16. “The Truman Show” quote

On June 20, 2019, Ariana tattooed an upside-down quotation from “The Truman Show” on the back of her left shoulder, cementing her adoration for Jim Carrey. “In case I don’t see ya, Good afternoon, Good evening, And good night !” it says.

17. “Let’s sing”

Even though her album “Sweetener” was just released in August, she rang in the new year by getting the words “let’s sing” tattooed in Japanese right above her elbow, hinting at her plans to release more music. Less than six months later, her album “Thank U, Next” was released, shocking the globe.

18. “R.E.M”

Ariana has the dreamy letters inscribed behind her ear as a homage to her “Sweetener” tune of the same name.

19. “honeymoon”

A Complete Guide to Ariana Grande's 55 Known Tattoos

Grande has the word “honeymoon” written on her fingertips, a reference to her song “Honeymoon Avenue.”

20. Heart

ariana grande heart tattoo toe

Grande’s first tattoo was a heart on her right foot’s second toe, which she got when she was 18 years old in 2012. It’s a nod to her song “Tattooed Heart,” which appears on her album “Yours Truly.”

21. “7 Rings”/ “BBQ Grill”

ariana grande fixed japanese tattoo

What was supposed to be a tribute to Grande’s hit turned into a nightmare for her. Ariana showed off a severe hand tattoo of Japanese kanji letters that were supposed to translate to “7 Rings” in early 2019. However, when native speakers understood that the characters were arranged in such a way that it truly translated to “Japanese BBQ grill” or “small charcoal grill” in English, social media exploded. Grande went back to her artist many times to repair the mistake, including adding a heart to complete the artwork and correct the message. Only if you read the tattoo from top to bottom and then left to right will you get the intended meaning.

At the conclusion of the issue, she tweeted (and then deleted) a diatribe. “Obviously, I can’t read or write kanji.” So, what exactly do you want me to do? It was done out of gratitude and affection. “Can you tell me what you want me to say?” “Do you know how many individuals make this mistake and don’t care because they enjoy how it looks?” she said. bruh… I am quite concerned. What do you want me to say or do? for real.”

22. “SWT”

Grande and her staff received matching tattoos on their hands to honor the conclusion of her “Sweetener/Thank U, Next” global tour in December 2019. Others received dates and numerals of unknown importance, while Ariana picked the abbreviated “SWT.”

23. “H2GKMO,” “Reborn” and cloud

Ariana has the phrase 'H2GKMO' written on her right hand - Ariana Grande tattoos:... - PopBuzz

Grande and her ex-fiancé Pete Davidson flaunted their affection for one another with a slew of similar tattoos while dating. On the side of their hands, the duo received the phrase “H2GKMO” — which stands for “honest to god knock me out” — and the word “REBORN,” as well as matching cloud tattoos.

26. “always”

ariana grande always tattoo

In what looks to be Grande’s handwriting, the word “always” is written across her rib cage, a reference to Lily Potter and Severus Snape’s love story in “Harry Potter.”

27. “8418”

Ariana Grande Reportedly Got Tattoo Honoring Pete Davidson's Father

In June 2018, she got the digits 8418 (the comedian’s father’s fireman badge number, which he lost on September 11, 2001) tattooed on the top of her left ankle.

28. “Pete”

“Pete” was also tattooed on her left ring finger.

29. “Myron”

A Complete Guide to Ariana Grande's 55 Known TattoosGrande and Davidson both set to work covering up or modifying their matching tattoos in the days following their divorce. Grande used beautiful olive branch leaves to cover the hand tats. She also changed Mr. Davidson’s badge number to “Myron”, the name of her dog, whom she co-adopted with ex-boyfriend Mac Miller and now lives with her full-time following the rapper’s death.

30. Black heart

ariana grande pete tattoo coverup

Fans discovered Grande had tattooed a black heart over her “Pete” finger tattoo after she released her “Thank U, Next” music video. It’s unclear if she’s changed (or intends to change) her cloud tattoo.

31. Leaves

Grande added a spreading leaf pattern horizontally over her rib cage to her “always” tattoo in March 2019.

32. Lightning bolt and black heart

ariana grande tattoos breathin video

The pop diva has three little tattoos behind her ear: “R.E.M,” a tiny black heart (which Pete Davidson’s rep subsequently claimed he replicated), and a lightning bolt, which is most likely a homage to “Harry Potter.”

33. “mille tendresse”

A Definitive Guide to Ariana Grande's Best Tattoos | POPSUGAR Beauty Middle EastThe French word “mille tendresse,” a sentence from “Breakfast at Tiffany’s,” was her second tattoo, which Davidson also imitated.

34. Venus symbol

Ariana has a female 'Venus' symbol tattoo on her left hand - Ariana Grande tattoos:... - PopBuzz

The astronomical and astrological symbol for Venus, the alchemical sign for copper, and the gender symbol for females are all represented by the form.

“A couple of new finger tats today,” Grande said at the time on Instagram, tagging Doctor Woo, a Los Angeles-based tattoo artist. “They’re so little and delicate that they won’t even show up in this Polaroid.”

Grande was brought to the Shamrock Social Club by her then-boyfriend, Mac Miller, who was also tattooed by Woo at the time. Miller’s album “The Divine Feminine,” which includes a song he composed about Grande (“Cinderella”) and a song featuring her vocals, was released a month later (“My Favorite Part”).

35. Manchester bee

ariana grande bee tattoo

Grande unveiled a bee tattoo as a lasting memorial to Manchester one year after a bombing at one of her performances there killed 22 people and wounded hundreds more.

The bee represents the city’s hardworking heritage, which dates back to the Industrial Revolution. Following the tragic terrorist attack at Manchester Arena, people from all around the city rushed out in droves to acquire worker bee tattoos.

36. “hi”

ariana grande hi tattoo

Not all of Grande’s tattoos are as meaningful: on her toe, she has the word “hi”.

37. “court”

ariana grande court tattoo

Ariana inscribed the word “court” on her knee as a play on words in honor of her childhood friend Courtney Chipolone.

38. “A”

Her thumb also has the letter “A” in honor of her friend Alexa Luria.

39. Heart

One of the numerous hand tattoos is the outline of a heart on her right ring finger, which matches the one on her toe.

40. “baby”

ariana grande baby tattoo

Grande’s “baby” tattoo appeared in May 2020, when she shared a series of self-portraits on Instagram. Many admirers saw the delicate ink right away, however, some assume she had it months ago.

Mystery tattoos

As if having more than 40 tattoos in 2020 wasn’t enough, there are a few that fans have only seen a portion of. There are words on the inside of her right index finger, an unfilled form on the inside of her left ankle, and an unaccounted-for string of letters (or maybe words) on her upper left thigh.

Given Grande’s love for on-the-spot tattoos, it’s probable that the singer has a slew of additional designs stashed away — and that more are on the way.

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