4 Tattoos of Cindy Kimberly

Cindy Kimberly is a well-known Instagram model from Spain. She became famous after Justin Bieber posted a message on his Instagram account asking, “Omg who is this!!! ” Cindy Kimberly has a few inks covering her body already.

1. Roman Numeral Tattoo

Roman Number Tattoo  on Cindy Kimberly’s Right Forearm

Cindy Kimberly’s right lower arm bears the Roman numeral “MCMLXIV,” which corresponds to the year 1964. This tattoo can be found on Cindy. Although Cindy has not confirmed this, we are going to assume that this is the year that one of her parents was born. In January of 2017, she visited the master tattoo artist Victor Candiotti to get the design tattooed on her body.

2. Rose Tattoo

Rose Tattoo Behind Cindy’s Ear

In a photograph posted to Instagram in January of 2017, Cindy Kimberly showed off a rose tattoo that was located behind her left ear. “Did you push it too far?” she crafted the piece

3. Crosses, Dots, and a Triangle Tattoo

Tattoo on Cindy’s upper back

Neiz Vesten made a prophetic outline onto Cindy Kimberly’s upper back. The tattoo was done by hand. The master craftsman creates one-of-a-kind “Code Ink” blueprints for each of his clients, keeping in mind the customers’ respective arrival dates on the planet. The one-of-a-kind tattoo that Cindy has is comprised of a triangle that is inverted, a winding pattern of specks, and a cross. In September of 2016, she had it done while she was in Bali.

4. Runes Tattoo

Runes Tattoo on Cindy’s Side

On the side of Cindy Kimberly’s rib cage that is on the left side, there is a small tattoo of a rune. It is widely believed that the runic tattoo is one of the most potent symbols in the world. Runs are traditionally considered to be a symbolic representation of the human form; however, they can also be embellished in various ways. Embellishments can be added to a run tattoo.

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