4 Tattoos of Behati Prinsloo and What They Mean


Behati Prinsloo Levine is a supermodel who hails from Namibia and is also an activist. In her first appearance as a Prada Miu Miu model, Prinsloo walked the runway at a fashion show. She became known to the public in 2008 when she signed a contract to model for pink, and the following year, she was selected to become a Victoria’s Secret Angel. Behati Prinsloo Levine’s body features a total of four tattoos with their own meaning.

1. Tattoo of a 3 Dots (Wedding Ring)

                    3 Dots Tattoo on Prinsloo’s Finger

Behati Prinsloo, a Victoria’s Secret angel, has a small black dot in the middle of her ring finger. There are three of these dots. She explained why she went with this particular shade of ink by saying, “I wanted a [tattoo] ring but everybody does the ring so I got the three dots.”

2. Tattoo of Circles

                         Behati’s Circle Tattoo

On the back of Behati Prinsloo’s neck, in black ink, there are three concentric circles, each containing a single dot, that increase in size from bottom to top.

3. Tattoo of the Writing on the Side

                                    Behati’s Side Tattoo

On the left side of Prinsloo’s body is a tattoo that reads, “you’re soo cool,” written in three rows. At the Fragrance Foundation Awards on June 16, 2014, which took place at Alice Tully Hall in New York City, she displayed her tattoo for all to see.

4. Tattoo of Writing on the Arm

                                      Behati Prinsloo Dusty Arm Tattoo

Behati Prinsloo has a tattoo of the word “Dusty” on the side of her left forearm. Dusty is the name of Behati’s daughter, whose full name is Dusty Rose.


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