5+ Vanessa Hudgens’s Tattoos

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Vanessa Hudgens hasn’t got many tattoos, which surprised us. At least not in comparison to Selena Gomez (who has 12 tattoos) and Ashley Benson (who has somewhere around 16 known tattoos). Hudgens hadn’t had any new tattoos in over a decade before her most recent addition – a sunflower on her side that also serves as the most triumphant thirst trap in the history of thirst traps.

Hudgens clearly reigns supreme among free-spirited celebrities, and her tattoos reflect that. She’s the queen of little, delicate works of art. She has half of the om sign over both of her hands — part on one pinky finger and part on the other — so that when she puts her hands together in a meditation stance, she makes the entire symbol. The artwork is from 2011, when she was tatted with long-time bestie Ashley Tisdale.

Hudgens’ other, more visible tattoo is a colorful butterfly on the left side of her neck, which also happens to be her first. It was done on the actress in 2011 at Bang Bang Tattoo in New York City. Examine Hudgens’ three tattoos in the gallery above.

1.Sunflower Tattoo: Vanessa Hudgens

Vanessa Hudgens Gets a Sunflower Tattoo After Breakup | POPSUGAR BeautyHudgens received a little sunflower tattoo on her side by New York City tattoo artist Dragon in January 2020.

2.Om Tattoo by Vanessa Hudgens

Vanessa Hudgens Tattoo Guide: Ink Designs, Meanings, PhotosHudgens and Ashley Tisdale were tattooed at Bang Bang Tattoo in 2011. The om symbol was tattooed on the side of her hands at that time.

3.Om Tattoo by Vanessa Hudgens

Hudgens’ second hand’s pinky finger shows the other side of her om symbol tattoo.

4.Butterfly on Her Neck

A Guide to Vanessa Hudgens's Tattoos | POPSUGAR BeautyA colorful butterfly on the side of Hudgens’ neck is her most noticeable tattoo. It was her first tattoo, which she had in 2011, and it is meaningful to her because the name Vanessa means butterfly.

5.Angel Tattoo: Vanessa Hudgens

Angel tattoo on Vanessa Hudgens.Hudgens has an angel tattooed on her right side by her favorite artist Dragon at Bang Bang Tattoo in New York City in March of 2020. “Divine feminine angel,” she refers to it.

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