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    What Kind A Tattoos Does Sophie Turner Has?

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    A lot of tiny tattoos are a thing for actress Sophie Turner who has a lot of ink art all over her body. Most of Sophie’s tattoos are made because something meaningful has happened in her life. Let’s see all of her tiny tattoos.

    1. “07.08.09” Tattoo

    How she got it: Sophie and Maisie Williams got matching tattoos by an artist named Kat Paine. Date tattoo represents the exact date when both actresses found out that they will star in the Game of Thrones tv show.

    2. Tally Mark Tattoo

    How she got it: This tattoo stands for her five family members – mother, father, two brothers, and herself.

    3. X Tattoo

    How she got it: Sophie made this tattoo to represent her role in the X-Men movie as Jean Grey.

    4. Rabbit Tattoo

    How she got it: Actresses rabbit tattoo has no special meaning. It was made by tattoo artist Curt Montgomery.

    5. Portrait Tattoo

    How she got it: Yet another tattoo made by artist Curt Montgomery and the meaning behind her tattoo is kept as a secret.

    6. Wolf Tattoo

    How she got it: Direwolf and “The Pack Survives” tattoo was made by Lauren Winzer in 2018 as a dedication to the Game of Thrones tv show.

    7. Triangles Tattoo

    How she got it: Three triangles represent Plato’s theory: the soul is comprised of three parts — reason, spirit, and appetite. Her brother Will is the spirit, her brother James is the reason and Sophie is appetite.

    8. “G” Tattoo

    How she got it: Tattoo artist Mr. K made this tiny tattoo. It was made in dedication to the actress’s grandfather.

    9. Northern Star Tattoo

    How she got it: Sophie Turner got this tattoo in 2018 by Daniel Winter.

    10. & Beyond Tattoo

    How she got it: Sophie and her husband have matching Disney Toy Story tattoos that say “To infinity” on her husband’s arm, and “& Beyond” on Sophie’s arm. Tattoos were made by Mr. K.

    11. Waldo Tattoo

    How she got it: In 2019 Turner’s and Jonas’s dog Waldo died and they both got matching tattoos on their arms made by Bang Bang Tattoos.

    12. Flame Tattoo

    How she got it: Fans think that this tattoo was made because of her role in the movie Dark Phoenix, her photo caption on Instagram read “Phoenix-ing out.”

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