6+ Olivia Wilde’s Tattoos

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In early December, Olivia Wilde acquired two new, delicate tattoos to her collection, adding to her expanding homage to her family on her body. The actress and director has only a few pieces of body art (four, to be exact), but each design has a unique significance and narrative – and it all revolves around her loved ones. Dr. Woo, a well-known tattoo artist who has tattooed celebrities like Miley Cyrus, Zoe Kravitz, Drake, and others, created her newest. He’s recognized for his fine line tattooing style, which is exactly what Wilde prefers for her own artwork.

While the Booksmart filmmaker has only a few tattoos, she shows no signs of stopping down anytime soon. In fact, her most recent visit to Dr. Woo resulted in not one, but two new tattoos, quickly tripling her total, so we believe she’s on the verge of getting even more. Let’s take a look at the four tattoos she has so far, as well as the lovely meanings behind each of them, till she does.

1.Tattoo of Olivia Wilde’s Quote

Wilde has a quotation tattoo on her wrist that says “all love, A,” which she stated was a nod to her uncle in a Reddit Q&A in 2013. According to E!, she said on Reddit at the time “It is named after my late uncle Alexander Cockburn. He was a special friend. The final sentence he wrote to me is the tattoo. Regards, A. It serves as a reminder to love everyone like Jesus did.”

2. Galaxy Tattoo by Olivia Wilde

Wilde got a galaxy tattooed on her forearm in 2018, commenting on Instagram, “Heatwave activities include…For my little o.” Dr. Woo created the elaborate pattern, which includes stars, a moon, and lines, as an homage to her son, Otis.

3. Otis and Daisy Tattoos by Olivia Wilde

Wilde’s latest tattoo also has the names of her two children, Otis, 7, and Daisy, 5, whom she shares husband Jason Sudeikis, inked on her outer forearms. The fine line design, which depicts both names inscribed in lower-case cursive script and situated just above her wrists, with Otis on her right arm and Daisy on her left, was published on Dr. Woo’s Instagram page.

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