11+ Lauren Keyana Palmer’s Tattoos

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Lauren Keyana Palmer, better known by her stage name Keke Palmer, is an American actress, singer, songwriter, and TV personality. Aside from her acting and singing abilities, she is also noted for her eye-catching tattoos; the following is a collection of her tattoos, as well as the hidden meanings behind them:

1.Wristlet with “Lauren”

Keke Palmer - Lauren TattooKeke got her initial name, “Lauren,” tattooed on her right wrist, accompanied with a little crown. The inscribed crown with her name serves as a constant reminder that she is a queen.

2.Under her left breast, she was scribbling

Keke Palmar Writing Tattoo“Don’t toss thine pearls before swine,” Keke has written under her ribs, under her left breast. The phrase comes from Jesus’ “Sermon on the Mount,” which is found in Matthew chapters 5-7. The text implies that you should never dump or gift valuable items to someone who would not appreciate them.

3. On her right forearm, she has some little lettering

Keke Palmar Forearm tattoo 3Keke has writing in extremely small and delicate characters tattooed on her right forearm. This tattoo was done in September of 2016.

4. Behind her ear, two hearts

Keke Palmar Heart TattooKeke received a set of interlocking hearts tattooed permanently behind her ear in March 2012.

5. Tattoo “Perception”

On her right thigh, she has a tattoo that says “Perception,” with a line running between the letters.

6. Tattoo “God is Love”

Keke Palmar - God is Love TattooIn February 2014, Keke had “God is Love” tattooed on her left wrist while in New Orleans for the Mardi Gras Carnival Parade.

7. She scribbled on her bicep

Keke Palmer bicep tattooShe has a statement from the great Greek philosopher Aristotle tattooed on her inner arm: “We are what we repeatedly do.” Excellence, then, is a habit, not an act.” When asked why she got this tattoo, Keke explained that whether she was younger, she used to go to a website called thinkexist.com when she was pleased or anxious and obtain a phrase corresponding to her mood. “We are what we continually do,” she read one day. “Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit.” She liked it so much that she had it tattooed on her flesh.

8. Secure her ankle

Keke Palmar - Anchor TattooIn March 2012, Keke and her best friend, Taylor Parks, got the anchor tattoo.

9. She scribbled on her lower back.

Keke Palmar Lower Back Tattoo

Fotoattēlā varētu būt 1 personaIn February 2016, Keke received the tattoo “Renaissance Woman” on her lower back to signify her many abilities (acting, dancing, singing, and television presenting). She captioned a photo of her tattoo with the meaning of the term “a lady with significant knowledge or aptitude in more than one profession.”

10. On her body, she has a sunflower and a butterfly.

Keke Palmar - Butterfly Flower Tattoo 1Butterfly on Flower Tattoo by Keke Palmar (Before)

Keke Palmar - Butterfly Flower Tattoo Butterfly on Flower Tattoo by Keke Palmar (After)

This tattoo is a replacement for an older version of a similar tattoo that included a butterfly on a sunflower. Keke used the enlarged form of the earlier ink to cover it. When Keke received this tattoo on her body, she endured eight hours of agony. It encircles the majority of her body. Her vacation to Budapest had such an impact on her that she chose to be tattooed in the shape of an extended sunflower and a butterfly. She had accepted the reality that this was the most painful tattoo she had ever received. She had stripped down in front of her followers, showing a large tattoo that extends from her upper chest to her hips.

11. “Queen of Kush” + Pyramids

Keke Palmar - Queen TattooThe Kingdom of Kush is an ancient African Nubian kingdom located near the confluence of the Blue, White, and Atbara rivers. The kingdom had complete authority over Egypt, and the greatest part was that it had a tradition of female monarchs. This is what drew Keke’s attention! Amanirenas was a legendary Queen of Kush who was able to communicate a peace pact for Kushites, thus Keke got this tattoo on the back of her neck in June 2016 as a respect to her ancestors and as an inspiration from this female ruler.

In an interview with Hot 97, Keke stated:

I’m just trying to learn more about myself and learn about the history outside of America, my American history. I want to learn more about my ancestors over in Africa. I don’t want to always think about slavery as the only thing that happened to black folks. We actually have another history that we don’t really hear that much about where we were kings and queens. I want to hear more about that.

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