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    10+ Katherine McNamara’s Tattoos

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    Katherine McNamara is an actress, singer, and dancer from the United States. She played Sonia in the Maze Runner movie series and won a comedy competition in 2013. She is most recognized for her major role as Clary Fray in the fantasy series Shadowhunters, and then as Mia in the CW’s Arrow.
    Katherine’s body is covered with a variety of intriguing tattoos. Let us investigate them and their implications.

    1.Tattoos on fingers

    Katherine McNamara Finger TattooOn her third left hand finger, the actress has gringko leaves tattooed.
    She stated that ginkgo leaves represent perseverance, hope, and longevity. “These trees were a favorite of my great grandmother’s, and her affection for them has been handed down through the generations of women in my family.”

    2.Tattoos of Runes

    Katherine McNamara Runes TattooKatherine McNamara Runes TattooHer ankle is adorned with three runes. Katherine and her Shadowhunters co-stars received matching angel rune tattoos. “It’s a sign of power and blessing,” the actress explained, “and this show has meant all of those things to me.”

    3. Tattoo “NOT FRAGILE”

    Katherine McNamara TattooKatherine McNamara Wrist Tattoos“For Dean (Shadowhunters’ boxing instructor), who told me this is who I am and helped me make it true,” she stated.

    4. Muchly Tattoo

    Katherine McNamara Muchly TattooHer right hand was inscribed with the word “muchly.” “I adore you Muchly,” she stated, referring to her mother, great aunts, and grandmother.

    5. Tattoos of Rabbits

    Katherine McNamara Rabbit TattooHer left wrist is inscribed with a white bunny image.

    6. Tattoo on Wrist

    Katherine McNamara Wrist TattooA plane’s attitude meter is tattooed on her wrist. “It’s modeled on a necklace my grandpa gave me,” she explained.

    7. Tattoos with Symbols

    Katherine McNamara Symbol TattooOn Katherine McNamara’s hip is a symbol tattoo.

    Katherine claims to have ten tattoos, but we can’t seem to discover the final one. The actress did not reveal the location of her other tattoo.

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