15 Ashley Benson’s Tattoos

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Actress Ashley Benson has 15 different tattoos. She has a lot of small ink art on her body that we haven’t noticed that the actress has so many of them. See every one of Ashley Benson’s tattoos below.

1. California Tattoo

How she got her tattoo: New York City tattoo artist JonBoy made a “California” tattoo for Ashley Benson and the same one for her friend too as a reminder of her hometown.

2. Pommes Frites Tattoo

How she got her tattoo: To show her love for french fries, Ashley Benson got a tattoo that was made by JonBoy on the same day when she got a California tattoo.

3. Cross Tattoo

How she got her tattoo: Ashley got her cross tattoo around 2014 and it represents her religious view.

4. “G” Tattoo

How she got her tattoo: The actress got her “G” ink art to honor her friend’s daughter – Georgia Veach who suffers from a rare brain disorder.

5. LXXXIX Tattoo

How she got her tattoo: Benson’s roman numeral tattoo represents the year when she was born – 1989.

6. Squish Tattoo

How she got her tattoo: This tattoo was made by ink artist JonBoy. Ashley got this tattoo in honor of her at that time girlfriend Cara Delevingne, because her nickname is “squish”.

7. CD Tattoo

How she got her tattoo: It’s not for certain, but there are rumors that CD stands for Cara Delevingne because Cara has a tattoo of an “A” tattooed on the same place where Ashley has “CD”.

8. Grammy Tattoo

How she got her tattoo: Tattoo artist JonBoy tattooed “Grammy” on Ashley Benson’s arm in 2018 to honor her grandmother.

9. Muggsy Tattoo

How she got her tattoo: The actress got her “muggsy” tattoo in 2017, it was made by JonBoy.

10. Star Tattoo

How she got her tattoo: Ashley Benson got the star tattoo in 2017, made by JonBoy.

11. We’re All Mad Here Tattoo

How she got her tattoo: “We’re all mad here” it’s from her favorite book “Alice In Wonderland”.

12. “H.” Tattoo

How she got her tattoo: All of the Pretty Little Liars stars got tattoos after filming the final episode of the tv show in 2016. “H.” stands for Ashley’s character Hannah Harin.

13. Anchor Tattoo

How she got her tattoo: Next to her grammy and star tattoo Ashley Benson has fainted anchor tattoo.

14. “3” Tattoo

How she got her tattoo: This tattoo dates back to 2017.

15. Heart Tattoo

How she got her tattoo: Ashley has a heart tattoo with cursive initials “ny” in the middle of her tattoo.

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